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Mexico Mission 2017


Ten of us are preparing for our annual trip to Mexico. Our sending service is this Thursday evening, June 8 at 7 pm. We hope you will join us for prayer and packing! We leave early on Friday morning, June 9 and will return on Sunday, June 18. We hope you’ll pray for us during our journey, follow our devotions, and check for daily updates on our blog:

Thank you for all of your support!

Epiphany Party Cancelled

Epiphany party tonight is cancelled due to the weather.

Flat Jesus Winners

View our winners from last summer’s Flat Jesus Adventures here!

Would you like to revisit the summer and see all of the places Flat Jesus went? Watch this video!

Questions and More Questions

Questions and More Questions

By Casey Cross, Young Disciples Director

Questions are my favorite. I actually love it when kids go through that phase where they think it’s really funny to ask question after question as you the adult try to answer each and every one, eventually becoming flustered and flabbergasted as you realize the never-ending questions are the joke (and purpose) of the whole conversation. I think the whole point of having an answer is to find the new question. That’s the journey. That’s what it’s all about. We never really arrive, we just take the next step in the journey with a new question.

The hardest part thing about questions is that they dig up and dig into the hardest things about life. A good question will always confront you with a particular insecurity. So how do we deal with those hard questions? How do we deal with the insecurities they force us to face? Here’s an article you may find helpful as you prepare yourself for those hard questions kids force us to face.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: What is the hardest question you’ve ever been asked? How did you respond? Where do you stand with that question today?

THINK ABOUT IT: Today, question the questions. What instigated that question? Where does that question come from inside of you (your gut? your heart? your mind? your toe (as you stub it and wonder where that thing in the walkway came from)? What makes that question important to you, or the person who asked it, right now? What is that question really about?

Enjoy the journey, step by step.

Communion Instruction Dates

Communion Instruction Dates


Create a Family Mission Statement

Create a Family Mission Statement

A few months ago we spent some time together discussing the importance of creating a family mission statement and how we might go about doing it. It’s a healthy, fun, and interesting opportunity to bond together as a family at any time of the year. Summertime may be a perfect time for you to spend some time thinking about this as you look ahead to the next school year. If you’d like to do this, download the attached file and give it a shot. We’d love to hear what you come up with.

Creating a Family Mission Statement


The information at the above pdf was gathered from the following two resources:

Create a Family Purpose Statement

Creating a Positive Family Culture: How and Why to Create a Family Mission Statement

Next Saturday: Fun 5k


Let’s Talk About Trust

Let’s Talk About Trust

Last Wednesday, a small group of adults and youth gathered to talk together about trust. Trust is one of those little words that pack a big punch. Many of us walk around with our own definition expecting others to share a common understanding, but the truth is that our experiences have led us to very different expectations around trust. Our days run on trust – trust that other drivers won’t hit us, trust that people will show up when they say they will, trust that all will go as planned, etc. For something so important, it’s worth spending a little time talking about together.

We used Brené Brown’s lesson, The Anatomy of Trust, to guide our discussion. If you’d like, follow the steps below to re-create what we did on Wednesday for yourself.

  1. Finish this sentence: Trust is…
  2. What are some examples of trust from your own life, or from a book/movie/tv show?
  3. Watch Brené Brown:

    Brené Brown: The Anatomy of Trust

  4. What stood out to you most from the video?
  5. What word from BRAVING stood out most to you? Which comes most naturally to you? Which is most difficult for you?
  6. Where is God in all of this trust stuff? What’s the difference, or inter-play, between trust and faith?
  7. What word or idea will you take with you this week to continue to think about and/or act on?

Community Spring Cleaning and Feeding

Community Spring Cleaning and Feeding

May 7th from 10 am to 2 pm at Hope

  • Donate old and new clothing and houseware
  • Old electronics will be recycled including on TVs
  • Bring food items for “Give Hope” food pantry
  • Enjoy a free famous Hope Lutheran Hot Dog – will be served from 11 am to 1 pm
  • A Thrivent Action Team Event