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Questions and More Questions

Questions and More Questions By Casey Cross, Young Disciples Director Questions are my favorite. I actually love it when kids go through that phase where they think it’s really funny to ask question after question as you the adult try to answer each and every one, eventually becoming flustered and flabbergasted as you realize the […]

Create a Family Mission Statement

Create a Family Mission Statement A few months ago we spent some time together discussing the importance of creating a family mission statement and how we might go about doing it. It’s a healthy, fun, and interesting opportunity to bond together as a family at any time of the year. Summertime may be a perfect […]

Let’s Talk About Trust

Let’s Talk About Trust Last Wednesday, a small group of adults and youth gathered to talk together about trust. Trust is one of those little words that pack a big punch. Many of us walk around with our own definition expecting others to share a common understanding, but the truth is that our experiences have […]