About Us

We are a collaboration of six Lutheran congregations from the Treasure Valley; currently consisting of Trinity, Immanuel, Hope, Redeemer, Grace (Horseshoe Bend), and Grace (Mountain Home). Our confirmation program will provide opportunities for young people to grow in identity, purpose, and belonging through retreats, monthly lessons, and experiential learning within congregations, family, and community service.


Aug. 18            Confirmation Kick Off @ Hope

Sept. 13 – 15    Fall Retreat @ Luther Heights

Oct. 13              Lesson @ Hope

Nov. 10            Lesson @ Hope

Dec. 8              Lesson @ Hope

Jan. 4 – 5        Winter Retreat @ Immanuel

Feb. 9              Lesson @ Hope

March 8          Lesson @ Hope

April 10 – 11    Spring Retreat TBD

May 16            Confirmation Dinner

May 17             Confirmation Sunday