What to Expect

We are a caring community of Christ followers who welcome all, no matter where you are on your journey of faith. We cherish our time together – greeting one another, passing the peace, and celebrating each other’s company as we gather to worship our God.

You are welcome to participate in worship at your own comfort level. Sing your heart out or simply nod your head to the beat; pray with your hands raised or resting at your sides; wear jeans or dress to impress. No matter how you show up, we’re glad you came!

On your way home, feel free to take a gift from our homes to yours, freshly baked bread in the basket just outside the sanctuary. You are also more than welcome to join us in the fellowship hall after each service for coffee, snacks, and conversation.

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Leadership and History

Pastor’s Letter

Message From Pastor Mike

I am glad that you are visiting our website and that you are interested in learning more about us.  Hope is place where you are encourage to ask questions about God and faith. We understand everyone is in a different place in their journey and it is important to be able to explore one’s faith in a safe place.  Activities are offered for different age groups but we also believes in the importance of time together.   I invite you to come and worship with us at either of our two services.  If you are familiar and enjoy  Lutheran worship the first service might meet your needs, if you are less familiar the second service may be an easier place for you to connect with the worship.  Either way, our hope for both services is that God’s presences is experienced.  If you have any questions about Hope or how you can be a part of this community at any level, please contact the office at 208-939-9181 or by email office@hopeeagle.org

Have a blessed day

Pastor Mike


What’s Next

Hope would like to share with you  more information on how you can get involved, please contact the church office at 939-9181 to set up an appointment.

Additional Resources

If you’d like to learn more about our church or the Lutheran religion feel free to contact Mike for an appointment. You can use our contact form or email Kathi our office secretary at office@hopeeagle.org